Fortnite: how to complete Week 5 Chapter 4 Season 1 challenges?

Fortnite Week 5 Chapter 4 Season 1 challenges are now live. 

To complete these challenges, you must first find a Guardian's Shield. To get this, you must open the new chests in Chapter 4, the Oathbound Chests. You can easily identify them they are long white and gold found in the orange-colored. Their location is fixed, you can check their location guide below:


Once you get the Guardian's Shield, you must use it as a defensive weapon. All projectiles and shots in your direction will be countered by the Guardian's shield.

Please note that, you are not guaranteed to get the Guardian's Shield from the chest since you can also get other items. You can also find some on your opponents or directly on the ground if you're lucky. 

Finally, if you are lucky, you can also find some directly on the ground, or in classic chests.