Fortnite update 23.30: how to unlock Reality Augments?

Fortnite update 23.30 has been rolled out and the latest update introduces 5 new Reality Augments.

Reality Augments are special Perks system that gives a temporary buff to the players. This system is very popular among the players since it offers diversity in the games and even strategy. During your BR gameplay, you have the chance to get these upgrades randomly.


In Fortnite, you’ll find a total of 27 Augments that your character could possibly get 4 bonuses during a game. These Augments remain active until the end of the game.


Fortnite update 23.30 introduces the following new Reality Augments


- Rift-Jector Seat: Anytime your Shield breaks, you’ll rift into the sky after a short delay.


- Shadow striker: Become able to get Shadow Bombs from containers.


- Icy Slide: Get a brief icy speed boost after sliding.

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- Harvester: Foliage you destroy will drop Big Bush Bombs and forage-ables. Also increases the effectiveness of eating forage-ables.


- Mythic munition: Obtain a Mythic Pistol.


How to unlock Reality Augments?


You can unlock Reality Augments in Fortnite only by playing and being lucky. In total, there are 27 of them and you can find them in game by opening your map, and going to the Augments tab. You will notice that there are 4 types of Reality Augments:



Game Turn

Mobility & Discovery



You can reroll them to try to get your favorite Augments or to try one that you have never used. Combine Reality Augments according to your desires and preferences to achieve Victory Royale!