Fuse tracklist - Everything But The Girl new album

After long pause Everything But The Girl is back with a new album titled Fuse. Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn have just released "Nothing Left To Lose", which serves as a lead single of the album  


"Nothing Left To Lose" is a cool, electronic song that shouldn't disappoint fans of the duo's work released in the 90s, when they approached music made for the dance floor and conquered the their biggest commercial success: "Missing", one of the big hits of the middle of that decade.



Fuse full tracklist


“Nothing Left to Lose”

Fuse Tracklist, New Album, Songs, Everything But The Girl

“Run a Red Light”


“Caution to the Wind”


“When You Mess Up”


“Time and Time Again”


“No One Knows We’re Dancing”






“Interior Space”