MHR: best Armor sets to use in Monster Hunter Rise 2023

Monster Hunter Rise MHR has been available for a while on Nintendo Switch and PC, but recently the game has released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


In this short guide, we’ll show you the best armor sets and pieces to be used in Monster Hunter Rise.


Best Armor Pieces


Best Head Armor: Rathian Helm

Best Chest Armor: Barroth Mail

Best Arm Armor: Somnacanth Braces

Best Waist Armor: Basarios Coil

Best Leg Armor: Ingot Greaves



Best Armor Sets


Bone Armor

When you start your adventure, you won't have access to a large selection of armor sets. To make your life easier at the start of the game, we recommend the bone armor set which offers several interesting bonuses. Among these, we find the Stamina Thief to exhaust the creatures you hunt or even Focus which improves the speed of filling weapons with gauges and the speed of loading weapons with charges.


Basarios Armor  

Mid-game, you'll start hunting some pretty dreadful creatures. To ensure your survival, we recommended you to go with the set of Basarios which offer you three very useful skills:


Defense Boost (Lv. 4): Increases defense. The resistances also improve over the levels gained

Guard (Lvl. 2): Reduces falls and stamina loss when parrying

Speed Sharpening (Lvl. 2): Speeds up sharpening a weapon with a sharpener

Load Shells (Lvl. 1): Improves reloading and increases the ammo count of Cannon

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Best End-Game Armor Set


Medium Armor 

At the end of the game, most players play together and in order for you to be useful in the group, you can go for the Medium Armor Set. Here are the effects of the set:


Speed Eating (Lvl. 2): Increases meat and item consumption speed

Free Meal (Lv. 1): Grants a predefined chance to consume a free food or drink

Wide Range (Lv. 3): Shares the effects of certain items with nearby allies