New free Rocket League codes Jan 2023, how to redeem them?

In Rocket League, you’ll find some promo codes that you can use to get free items. In this guide, we list you all codes in Rocket League for January 2023 and then we'll show you how to redeem them.


Only one code is currently active in Season 9:


popcorn - this gives you a limited rocket trail in a popcorn look


To redeem a code in Rocket League, you must proceed as follows:


Start Rocket League and press the "Settings" button in the main menu.


Now switch to the "Extras" tab with R1/RB (PS/Xbox).


New, Free, Rocket League, Promo Codes, Janury  2023, How To Redeem

Now click on the "Redeem code" button.


Now enter your desired promo code.


Nothing happens after you enter it, so don't be surprised. Leave the settings go back to the main menu, then you will receive the reward.


If you want to redeem another code, simply repeat the steps above. As soon as there are new promo codes for Rocket League, we will update the article for you.