The Last of Us Episode 3: how long to complete? time duration

The Last of Us (TLOU) Season 1 Episode 2 has just been released and many people are wondering how long the next episode is.


If this is your case, we know that this third episode will be longer than the two since it will last 80 minutes like the first and will introduce two characters that we have seen very little in the game.


Many people are partly left unsatisfied after the release of episode 2 which gives right to a very well worked end but with a shorter duration since it only lasted 50 minutes. Episode 3 of The Last of Us is therefore highly anticipated and many fans of the series are wondering if it will also be 50 minutes or if it will be longer. If this is your case, well, according to the information available on IMDb, we already know that it will have a duration of 80 minutes, which is the same number as episode 1.


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We also know that this third episode will introduce new characters such as Bill and Frank. For those who would like to know who play these two characters, they are the actors, Murray Bartlett (known in particular for his role of Armond in the series The White Lotus) and Nick Offerman (known for his role of Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation). Bill and Frank should play a much more important role in the series since the two actors are credits for 3 episodes out of the 9 as revealed by the IMDb.


The Last of Us season 1 episode 3 will be released on January 30.