WoW Ulduar WotLK Classic: how to activate Yogg-Saron Hard mode?

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Phase will be available soon, bringing a new raid to WoW:  Ulduar's  WotLK This raid is one of the best known and favorite raids for players.


In this raid, you will encounter a total of 14 bosses and the final battle with Yogg-Saron. If you're wondering how to activate Hard Mode on this boss, continue to read this article to find out the answer!


When you face Yogg-Saron, the Guardians you defeated earlier in the raid will come to help you, negating one of the Old God's spells.


Hard Mode is all about having no Observers during battle, which makes your fight really hard, some would say impossible. Back when Ulduar was first released, Yogg-Saron hard mode was seen as mathematically impossible without a nerf.

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And that's good, Yogg-Saron will be in its pre-nerf form but the equipment recovered from Ulduar will be of better quality to compensate.


The reward you will get at the end of the fight will adjust according to the number of allies you have summoned. The achievement obtainable on Yogg-saron, Fiend of a Thousand Faces: "Alone in the Dark" also asks you to defeat the very old god without the help of a single Guardian.