All Wild Hearts, how to use, Weapons?

In Wild Heart, you’ll encounter some monsters and in order to face them you’ll need some powerful and effective weapons. Here we’ll show you all the available weapons in the game.


There are 8 types of weapons in Wild Heart:


Claw Blade: It is a close-range melee weapon that excels in quick and aerial attacks. It also allows you to reposition yourself quickly. Fill the weapon gauge to use its devastating grab ability.


How to use Claw Blade (command keys)?

X/A (after attacking): Improved jump

Square/X: Light attack

Triangle/Y: Heavy attack

R2/RT: Claw Plunge (embeds tether in enemy)

R2/RT (when tethered): Pull yourself rapidly towards tether point

Circle/B (when tethered): Rapidly orbit/dodge around tether point


Nodachi: (A long heavy sword) This Short range weapon specializes in monstrous damage in a few hits, many stances are available to accommodate different playstyles of players.


How to use Nodachi (command keys)?

Square/X: Downward slash (faster attack)

Triangle/Y: Horizontal slash (slower attack)

R2/RT: Iai Slash (attack that scales to charge with stamina consumption)

Hold down R2/RT: Charges Iai Slash weapon gauge rapidly (consumes stamina until released)

Hold down R2/RT + any movement/attacks: Charges Iai Slash weapon gauge slowly (consumes stamina until released)


Karakuri Katana: It is a versatile weapon, it allows you to quickly deliver powerful blows at medium range. Fill the weapon gauge to greatly increase the weapon damage.


How to use Karakuri Katana (command keys)?

Square/X: Downward slash (fast strike for low damage)

Triangle/Y: Iai slash (medium speed and medium damage)

R2/RT: Single-Handed lunge (heavy attack that uses stamina)

R2/RT during combo: Modifies combo for higher damage, but consumes stamina

R2/RT + Square/X or Triangle/Y (when weapon gauge full): Activate Unbound mode

R2/RT + Circle/B (during Unbound mode): Deactivate Unbound mode


Bladed Wagasa: This short-range weapon can launch quick combos or hit with a big blow, which can knock up in the air. It is also the only weapon that can block Kemono attacks.


How to use Bladed Wagasa (command keys)?

Square/X: Spindance/sweep attack

Triangle/Y: Lunge attack

R2/RT: Parry (consumes significant stamina)


Maul: In line with the Nodashi, it offers significant damage in a few hits, but also has lighter and more mobile attacks. It also allows the use of a spinning attack and other combos if the player specializes in its handling.

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Karakuri Staff: This very unique and versatile weapon can change into 5 different forms depending on the situation: long staff, twin fang, war spike, giant shuriken and the "Juggernaut Blade". Transforming Staff applies more damage to the next transformation, making it the most versatile weapon in the game.


How to use Karakuri Staff (command keys)?

Square/X: Light attack

Triangle/Y: Heavy attack

R2/RT: Mutate weapon into new form

R2/RT during combo attack: Mutate weapon into new form (and keep combo going in that form)

R2/RT + Triangle/Y: Juggernaut Slash


Bow: The first ranged weapon in the game is pretty basic, you can shoot using Haya arrows which will lodge on the Kemono and Otoya arrows which will apply extra damage when they resonate with the Haya arrows.


How to use Bow (command keys)?

Square/X: Switch between arrow types

Triangle/Y: Bolster Bow (Next arrow does higher damage and consumes stamina, changes Haya Arrows to rapid fire, player cannot move while aiming Bolstered shot)

Triangle/Y x2: Bolster Bow to maximum (increased damage/effect/stamina consumption on next arrow)

R2/RT: Fire arrow

R2/RT (hold down): Charged shot


Cannon: The second ranged weapon is the long-range weapon, which can be used as suppressive fire, it gives massive damage while requiring a good use of Ki to refill it. It will require good positioning of your traps, your ally and yourself, if you want to avoid being crushed while shooting.    


How to use Cannon (command keys)?

Square/X: Conjure Ki Base beneath player

Triangle/Y: Aim Ki Base (conjure with R2/RT)

R2/RT: Fire Hand Cannon

R2/RT + Square/X: Dispel all conjured Ki Bases