Best graphics settings to run Atomic Heart on high low PC

In this short guide, we’ll share you the best graphics settings to run Atomic Heart on high-end or low-end PC.




Image sharpening - 1


Window mode - Fullscreen


VSync - Off


FPS cap - 300 (depends on your monitor)


Screen resolution - Native




Depth of field - Off


Motion blur - Off


DLSS super resolution - Quality


DLSS frame generation - On


Best Graphics Settings, Run Atomic Heart, High - End PC, Low-End PC

Fidelity FX super resolution - Quality (you can use this feature if you don’t have above two options)


Animation quality - Medium


Shadows - Low 


Ambient occlusion - Medium


Visual FX - Medium


Number of objects - High


Materials - Medium


Volumetric fog - Low


Post processing - Low


Textures - Ultra (Depends on the amount of ram)


2D model quality - High


Vegetation - Low


Hard drive speed - depends on your HD


Shader Catch - On