CoD Modern Warfare 2 what’s new in Season 2 Update Feb. 15?

The mid-season 2 update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Season 2 update, will be available from February 15. In this short article, we’ll share all the fixes and additional content (patch note) come with this update that has been unveiled in the roadmap given by the developers.


Corrections of several problems and balances have been made


Added ranked games


Added a new mid-season raid


Added 4 multiplayer maps


- Dome

- Valderas Museum

- Al Malik International

- Zaya Observatory

CoD, Modern Warfare 2, What’s New, Season 2 Update, February 15

Several new game modes including the return of Zombie mode under the name Infected


Added a new Operator, Daniel "Ronin" Shinoda and two new skins, one for Roze and one for Nova


Added several new weapons


- The ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle

The KV Broadside Shotgun

The Crossbow

Dual Kodachis

The Tempus Torrent Tactical Rifle in Mid-Season 2