Endless Summer Vacation Songs: Miley Cyrus, MC new album

Miley Cyrus unveiled the songs (tracklist) for her upcoming album "Endless Summer Vacation", which is scheduled to release on digital platforms on March 10th. The artist's new album’s first and only single so far is the mega hit "Flowers", which has been dominating the music charts for the past week.


Endless Summer Vacation will feature 13 songs. Among the tracks are "Thousand Miles", which features Brandi Carlile and "Muddy Feet", featuring Sia , the only collaborations on the album.


Endless Summer Vacation full tracklist:

1. " Flowers "

Endless Summer Vacation, Songs, Miley Cyrus, MC, New Album

2. "Jaded"

3. "Rose Colored Lenses"

4. "Thousand Miles" (feat. Brandi Carlile)

5. "You"

6. "Handstand"

7. "River"

8. "Violet Chemistry"

9. "Muddy Feet" (feat. Sia)

10. "Wildcard"

11. "Island"

12. "Wonder Woman"

13. "Endless Summer Vacation"