Fortnite Find It Chapter 4 Season 1 quest list

With the release of Fortnite Update 23.5, new Find It challenges have been added and so in this quick guide we’ll show you all the available quests in this update.

Win rounds in Murder Mystery / PWR 

Collect Coins in Murder Mystery / PWR 

Destroy zombies in Deadpines: Zombie Survival 

Earning crystals in Deadpines: Zombie Survival

Fortnite, Find It, Chapter 4, Season 1, Quest List

Earn points for your team in Machine War

Eliminate opponents in Machine War

Open chests in Valhalla

Wonder the realms in Valhalla

Eliminate opponents in Prison Mythic Gungame

Eliminate 3 opponents without being eliminated in Prison Mythic Gungame

Complete 75 Levels Motorcycle Deathrun

Reach checkpoints in 75 Levels Motorcycle Deathrun