Hogwarts Legacy: all Rewards in The Hall of Herodiana

As you progress through the Hogwarts Legacy you’ll be able to unlock a side quest called “The Hall of Herodiana”. The quest requires you to find and solve puzzles in three secret chambers. In this short guide, will show you all the rewards you’ll get after completing the quest.


You’ll get The Hall of Herodiana side quest from the student Sophronia Franklin at Hogwarts. After accepting the quest, you must first find the entrance to the hall.


So locating the Hall of Herodiana shouldn't be a problem, as the way to get there is marked on your minimap. Once you are in front of the entrance, you must use the Depulso spell to enter.


Now, in the secret chambers you have to use Depulso and Accio to move blocks, connect them and place them in the right place to make your way to the other side.


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The Hall of Herodiana - Reward


You get a reward for each chamber. After the first chamber you get the cloak "Herodiana's Cape". After the second room you get "Herodiana's Attire" as a reward. After the third and last room, you will receive the "Herodiana's Cap" as a reward.


You will also get an entry in your collection for each item of clothing. After exiting Herodiana's Hall, you must return to Sophronia Franklin to fully complete the side quest. You will then receive additional XP.