Hogwarts Legacy: how to beat or defeat Victor Rookwood easily?

As you progress through the Hogwarts Legacy main story you’ll encounter several bosses and Victor Rookwood is one of them. In this guide, we’ll share some useful that will help you defeat this boss easily.


Victor Rookwood is a main opponent in the game. He is dangerous but his boss fight is not the most complicated. You just don't have to worry about how many lackeys he will summon.


When you get teleported into the arena, you will first have to defeat several dark wizards.


Once you have defeated these enemies, Rockwood will appear. Then comes a duel where you have to hit as quickly as possible on the key indicated by the game, the space bar for PC users.


Hogwarts Legacy, How To Beat, Defeat Victor Rookwood
When you've managed to fend off the Avada Kedavra from the boss, the fight really begins. You will have to fight against him and his minions at the same time. Here are our tips:

- Save your Ancient Magic for Rookwood and use everything on him.


- Chain him in the air like any other dark wizards.


- Keep the lackeys alive to use your ancient magic on them and have them cast spells on you, allowing you to do a Protego and Stupefy that redirects you to Rookwood.


The boss will protect himself with a white barrier, a new spell. Use Stupefy or Ancient Magic to break it.