Refreshment Locations: SpongeBob SquarePants Cosmic Shake

In this short guide, we’ll give all Refreshment locations in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. 


Refreshment #1 (Checkpoint: Jellyfish Trail checkpoint) - The first refreshment can be found at the Jellyfish field area. You must have noticed the floating tiki boxes by the waterfall on the first run, which seemed out of place since there was nothing to get there. Now you can pick up a refreshment there.


Refreshment 1, Location, Checkpoint, Jellyfish Trail Checkpoint

Refreshment #2 (Checkpoint: Riding School) - For the second one you need to go to the Riding school. Jump on the building thanks to the trampoline to use the moving platform to get to a high wooden platform where the refreshment is.


Refreshment 2, Checkpoint, Riding School, Location

Refreshment #3 (Checkpoint: Manta Fe) - Head to the Manta Fe, there is a slingshot on a rock pillar to the left of the prison that stands in the middle. Thanks to the slingshot, you can reach the remote cemetery, where you can earn a gold coin. In addition, there is another refreshment hidden in the back of the cemetery.


Refreshment Locations: SpongeBob SquarePants Cosmic Shake

Refreshment #4 (Checkpoint: Canteen Hills) - Now, go to the Canteen Hills checkpoint. Go straight to the wooden bridge painted blue and look right into the abyss to see a refreshment on a wooden platform.


 Refreshment 4, Checkpoint, Canteen Hills, Location

Refreshment #5 (Checkpoint: Sap the Gatherer) - Finally, after riding the seahorse a third time, you’ll find the last refreshment at the top of the mountain passage off on a high rock pillar.

Refreshment 5, Checkpoint, Sap the Gatherer, Location