Sons Of The Forest: how to build, remove or dismantle Tent?

In Sons of the Forest, a tent is very important as you need it for sleep and storage.


To build tent in Sons Of The Forest, you need two materials: a tarp and a stick. You can collect a tarp at the beginning of the crash site and sticks can be found everywhere. You can also ask your companion Kelvin to find a stick for you.


If you have the required materials, you can open your inventory and get the tarp.


Then spread the tarp out on the ground where you want to set up your tent.


Then go to a corner of the tarp and a dashed arrow will appear pointing up.


Sons Of The Forest, How To Build, Remove, Dismantle Tent

Interact with it with the left mouse button (or RT/R2 on the controller) and your character will automatically place a stick if you have one in inventory.


It is also important to remove or dismantle the tent and take the tarp with you after sleeping. As long as you have a tarp in your inventory, you can always easily provide accommodation. To dismantle the tent, you must stand next to the tarp and hold down the "C" button (X/square on the controller). This should be the default key for dismantle.