Wild Hearts: how to play bow? Combo, gameplay guide

In Wild Hearts, you can use bow to hit distance targets and can inflict very high damage. It is much easier to handle and to take in hand.


The bow is a basic weapon, you'll shoot arrows at your target but unlike melee weapons it doesn't actually have combos that require a mash-up of keys, but rather a combination between the two types of arrows.


Keys: Although it doesn't really have any combos, there are a few keys to be aware of.


Change type of arrows - Square (PS5) / X (Xbox)


Bolstered shot - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox)


Bolstered shot maximum - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / X2


Shoot an arrow - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox) / F


Load next shot - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox) / F

Wild Hearts, How To Play, Bow, Combo, Gameplay Guide

Erratic shots - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / Right click (in horizontal form)


Rain of arrows - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / Right click X2 (in horizontal form)


Piercing arrow - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / Right Click (in vertical form)


High Resonance arrow - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / Right click X2 (in vertical form)


It is very important to know how to use both types of arrows since they will complement each other.


Arrow combinations

The arrows you shoot when holding the bow horizontally are called Haya and lodge in the Kemono.


Arrows you shoot while holding the bow vertically are called Otoya and resonate with Haya arrows, dealing extra damage. Resonance damage depends on how powerful the Otoya arrows shoot.


The "Bolstered Bow" will increase the damage of the next shots, while consuming stamina. There are several variations depending on the shooting mode.


Bolstered bow - Empowers next shots, consumes stamina


Erratic shot (horizontal) - Shoots multiple arrows very quickly


Rain of arrows (Horizontal) - A whole volley of arrows that will fall


Piercing arrow (Vertical) - Will puncture the monster with multiple puncture phases


High resonance arrow (Vertical) - Will inflict very high resonance damage


The key will be to place your Haya Arrows in the hotspots of your prey, for the resonance damage from Otoya Arrows to deal maximum damage.


Also make sure you position yourself well and know how to dodge, since even if you will have a greater range, you will be quite immobile when you shoot your arrows.