Wild Hearts: how to play Nodashi? combos, gameplay guide

In Wild Hearts, Nodashi is a heavy and long sword that inflicts massive damage to your enemies. With its size, it will often drag you into its movement, so it's impossible to attack very quickly, but it won't be necessary.


Available combos


Unlike other weapons, Nodashi is very easy to use, without particular combos, but very effective.


Light Strikes - Square (PS5) / X (Xbox) / Left Click

Heavy Strikes - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox) / Right Click

Rolling Strike  Light  strike while moving forward

Strike Back - Light hit while stepping back

Heavy Combo - Three heavy followed

Iai Stance - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox) / F


What define the Nodashi is the Iai slash, specific to this weapon, it will be what will inflict the most damage.


The Iai Stance


Despite the lack of combo, this weapon has a much more subtle quality and will require a very good sense of timing, the Iai Stance.


Keep in mind that you can use it while stationary or moving, moving at the same time will fill the gauge slower and also consume more stamina.


Instead of hitting continuously, hitting one big hit, Stance consumes a large amount of stamina but has multiple effects.


Wild Hearts, How To Play, Nodashi, Combos, Gameplay Guide

To activate it, hold RT / R2 or F and release the button at the desired moment.


Standard Iai Slash - Horizontal Swing

Half Charged Iai Slash - Diagonal upswing

Fully Charged Iai Slash - Upswing, ground smashing

Iai Slash jumping off crate or bulwark: Dropping ground-smash

Iai Slash jumping off spring: Huge horizontal spin attack