Active Codes for Summoners War Chronicles: how to redeem or use?

Summoners War Chronicles will be available to play from March 09, 2023. However, even before the official release of the game, there are some codes circulating on the web claiming that you can use them to get some free rewards as soon as the game is released. Here, we’ll list all the available codes.


Code expiring March 14, 2023:

HAPPYVDAY0214 - x12 3 stars Rainbowmon, x1 Angelmon


Code expiring March 24, 2023:

04COLLABAL - x60 EXP Potion

05COLLABTOWER - x1 Restoration Stone


Code expiring April 11, 2023:

0111YOURLD - x1 3 stars Light and Dark Selection Ticket


Code expiring April 12, 2023:

01EVOLVE12 - x24 3 stars Rainbowmon, x120 EXP Potion, x120 Breath of Life


Code expiring April 13, 2023:

HNYEAR2023 - No information


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Code expiring May 16, 2023:

AKA05CHLOE - No information

AKA04NAOMI - No information


Code expiring May 22, 2023:

THANKFUL4ALL -  No information


Code expiring May 31, 2023:

TRYSEAL22 - No information

EGGNOG16 - No information

HAPPYTHANKSGIVING22 - No information


Code expiring June 1, 2023:

GINGERBREAD19  - x35,000 Sky Stone

2022XMAS  - 5 stars Monster Selection Ticket (Water, Fire, Wind)

HELLO2023 -  x5 V Brilliant Jewelry Box

HNY2023SWCH - x4 5 stars Rainbowmon

TUNIANZHAOHUAN - x100 Energy, x100000 Mana, x1 Mystical Scroll  


How to redeem or use Summoners War Chronicles codes:


- First, open the game and then go to the Settings in the menu.

- Find the code box on this menu and enter an active code.

- Press 'Redeem' and enjoy your rewards.