In this short guide, we’ll show you the best graphics settings to fix low fps and to run Wo Long Fallen Dynasty smoothly on your PC.


Graphics Settings


Settings type - Custom


Maximum FPS - 120


Display mode - Fullscreen

Screen resolution - Native


VSync - Disabled


Rendering resolution - 100%


Best Graphics Settings, Wo Long, Fallen Dynasty, PC, Fix Low FPS

Textures quality - High (Depends on your Vram)


Shadow quality - Standard quality


Shadow render distance - Close


Ambient occlusion (Renders higher quality shadows)


Screen space reflection - Enabled


Subsurface scattering - Enabled


Model LOD - Standard


Volumetric fog resolution - Standard quality


Motion blur - Disabled


Chromatic aberration - Enabled


Film grain - Disabled


Depth of field - Disabled


Lens flare - Enabled   


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