Best graphics settings to run Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best graphics settings to fix low fps and to run Wo Long Fallen Dynasty smoothly on your PC.


Graphics Settings


Settings type - Custom


Maximum FPS - 120


Display mode - Fullscreen

Screen resolution - Native


VSync - Disabled


Rendering resolution - 100%


Best Graphics Settings, Wo Long, Fallen Dynasty, PC, Fix Low FPS

Textures quality - High (Depends on your Vram)


Shadow quality - Standard quality


Shadow render distance - Close


Ambient occlusion (Renders higher quality shadows)


Screen space reflection - Enabled


Subsurface scattering - Enabled


Model LOD - Standard


Volumetric fog resolution - Standard quality


Motion blur - Disabled


Chromatic aberration - Enabled


Film grain - Disabled


Depth of field - Disabled


Lens flare - Enabled