Best secondary job class combo in Octopath Traveler 2

In Octopath Traveler 2, you’ll have the option to select a secondary class for each of your character and if you are wondering what are the best secondary jobs for each of them, then here we’ll show you all of the best combos for the characters.


Agnea / Dancer  


Apothecary: By taking this job, you will become an excellent support character who can buff, but also heal party members.


Thief: The thief class allows Agnea to be a more balanced hero. In addition, you will have access to two additional weapons and several interesting offensive skills.


Castti / Apothecary

Merchant: The Merchant is one of the strongest options for Castti, mainly thanks to BP and Latent Power enhancement abilities. In addition, you are going to have a very interesting skill to launch the most complicated fights in the game.

Cleric: By taking the Cleric job, you are going to have the best healer in the game. You are going to have access to many healing spells which pairs well with Castti's excellent unique healing ability. Adding light spells can also help if there are enemies with that specific weakness, as it's not as prevalent as other elemental magics.


Hikari / Warrior


Hunter: This combination gives you access to most weapons in the game and increases your critical hit rate.

Armsmaster: It's one of the secret professions in the game, but it's without the best secondary class for Hikari. You will master all the weapons and thus be able to face all the enemies of the game quite easily.


Partitio / Merchant


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Warrior: By choosing this class, you will be able to be the priority target of enemy attacks for three turns. One of the skills in this combination also allows you to dodge an attack at 100%.


Dancer: The combination with the dancer allows you to enjoy quite fun gameplay by increasing the latent power of "Bewildering Grace". It should be noted that the Confounding Grace is a double-edged sword, as you can obtain beneficial effects as well as negative effects.


Ochette / Hunter


Thief: Combining with the thief allows you to take advantage of the high damage attacks of both jobs. Additionally, the Hunter's "Heighten Senses" support skill, which increases your chance to attack first, is incredibly powerful when used with the Thief's surprise attack and can deal massive damage.


Warrior: The Warrior class is the right choice for Ochette if you find her kit a little too restrictive or if you don't like using captured creatures. This will give him two new weapons and a plethora of strong physical damage skills.


Osvald / Scholar

Cleric: Combining Scholar and Cleric is the obvious choice for a reason, as it gives Osvald a nearly complete collection of every item in the game. He will be able to use fire, ice, lightning, and light magic to exploit enemies' weaknesses and deal massive damage. Plus, you're going to have a few healing spells, which can be great if you want to go with a more damage-focused team.


Arcanist: Arguably the best option for Osvald. This particular profession gives you a wide selection of offensive, supportive spells, and also adds Dark and Light magic to that character's arsenal. You're also going to have the ability to restore your HP and elemental attack points, which is extremely useful in tough situations.


Temenos / Cleric


Warrior: You will be able to combine the skills of the Cleric with that of the Warrior to increase the lethality of Temenos and easily break enemy shields, but also facilitate confrontations against the most difficult bosses.


Inventor: She gives you a collection of skills that cover just about every boost or attack in the game.


Throne / Thief


Dancer: The dancer job seems a perfect fit for Throné if you want to play her more as a supporting character. You will also be able to take advantage of very interesting support skills and give incredibly powerful buffs to your entire group.


WarriorBy choosing the Warrior class, you will be able to use high damage skills twice in a single turn. So making it ideal for both breaking bosses with high shield points and gaining an advantage against enemies when they're broken.