Diablo 4: best (activities) and fastest ways to farm XP

In this short guide, we’ll show you some of the best activities to farm XP quickly and easily in Diablo 4.  


Diablo 4 allows you to play with a maximum of 4 players and everyone gets the XP for killing monsters, and the following activities give you the most XP in Diablo 4:


Co-op groups should split up in a zone and kill monsters one at a time


Open-world events bring a lot of XP - you can find them by the orange circle on the map


Uses Quest - Complete the campaign or side quests (skip quest texts)


Dungeons are currently in the back row and bring you the least XP. It is currently important to quickly kill many monsters in the open world.


Use Elixirs: At level 10 you can complete the Priority Quest, (Upgrade Healing Potions) in the city of Kyovashad and unlock the Alchemist. Here you can make elixirs that give you different bonuses. All seven elixirs come with a 5% XP bonus that lasts 30 minutes.

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Here's some more info on the XP mechanics in Diablo 4:


Use group damage in your builds


5% more XP around unknown players


10% more XP around party members


The higher you set the difficulty, the more XP the monsters provide


If a monster is below your level, there are XP deductions


Monsters above your own level give more XP


Elite enemies give more XP than normal monsters


Events in the open world have a chance for items from other classes


Keep your progress for the second beta week