Diablo 4: how does the new Paragon system works?

In Diablo 4, after you reach level 50 you’ll be able to activate a new system called the Paragon. This will allow you to increase your power to the maximum levels.


Once you have your paragon you’ll then have a giant board.


On this board, you will find different spaces. You always start at the center of the board and work your way around the edges, towards gates on the sides. Once you hit a gate, you can unlock a second board, which adds unique powers. Once you reach the gate of the second board, you can unlock a third board, etc.


On each board, to access the gates, you must pass through tiles. Each tile has different effects and different rarities:

Diablo 4, How Does, New, Paragon System Works

Common (Gray) tiles: An addition of stats.

Magic (Blue) tiles: Slightly more original effects, but rarer.

Rare (Yellow) tiles: These are interesting objectives to aim for, giving specific powers.

Legendary (Orange) tiles: Only available after the first board. Adds a legendary power.

Gate tiles: Allows access to another board.

Socket tiles: Allows you to insert a glyph into the board, increasing the power of the tiles in a radius.