Dragonflight: how to find Antidote, defeat Duzalgor, map?

The latest Dragonflight update 10.0.7 brings a new region called the Forbidden Reaches. This area offers a wide variety of collectibles as well as enemies like Duzalgor rare. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to find and defeat this creature mob.


Duzalgor is a rare mob found in the Forbidden Reaches inside a cave. Before entering it you will have to take Toxin Antidote in order to considerably reduce the toxicity and the harmful effects of the gas present inside.


How to find Antidote?


The Antidote can be found in two different places: either at the entrance, on each side with a blue arrow above it, or in the rare zone, in a random location. However, it is recommended to take the one at the entrance, as it is easier to access and does not require walking through the entire rare area.


Once you've collected the Antidote, it's time to use it. To do this, use the boss action button to drop 50% from your bar at the top of your screen. It is also possible to dodge most of the descending steps by using Spinning Pulse on your dragon in the cave.


Be careful, if your drop the bar 100%, you will then be teleported outside, near the rare entrance. However, if you took the Antidote before you passed out, you will still have the Antidote when you respawn outside.


The cave entrance ( /way 36.66, 32.34 if you have the TomTom addon ) and the rare Duzalgor (/ way #2151 32.85 29.31 16 Duzalgor ) can be found at these marked locations on the map. 

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