Final Fantasy 16 FF16 duration, lifespan, how many hours?

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16 / XVI) is the next installment in the FF game series. It is now available to pre-order, the game will be released on June 22, 2023.


According to the developer the Final Fantasy 16 story will take about 35 hours to complete. This is of course the main story, which implies that the game will have a longer lifespan if we take into account the side quests. We don't have any information on these side quests, but in general when a main story takes 35 hours, we can consider around 60 hours of play to complete the game at 100% or even more.


Final Fantasy 16, FF16, Duration, Lifespan, How Many Hours

In addition, the game contains a total of 11 hours of cutscenes with smooth transitions between cutscenes and gameplay. However, we don't have any details on whether or not these 11 hours of gameplay count towards the 35 hours of gameplay to complete the story of Final Fantasy 16.

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