Fortnite Season 2 C4: how to unlock new Reality Augments?

Fortnite Patch 24.00 Season 2 Chapter 4 introduces new Reality Augments. Besides, cosmetic, new gameplay and game features, the major addition to the Battle Royale with season 4 is the new Reality Augments which brings you bonuses during your game.


Dumpster Diving: Loot will spawn nearby when you leave a hiding place. Can occur once per hiding place.


Treasure Hunting: Nearby Chests are marked the first time you enter a POI.


Slap Surplus: Find a Slap Juice in every Chest you open. If the Chest already had a Slap Juice, it'll have an extra one!


Munitions Slide: Gain medium ammo while sliding.


Medium Ammo Amp: Your weapons using medium ammo will have an increased magazine size.


Dignified Finish: Eliminations refresh a cooldown for the Kinetic Blade’s Dash Attack.

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Roll returning Reality Augments


Light Fingers

Sniper Surplus


Chug Gunner

Jelly Angler


Shadow Striker

More Parkour



How do you unlock Reality Augments?


There is no trick to unlocking all Reality Augments. Only by playing and being lucky will you get them. In total, there are 16 according to the information provided by Epic Games and you can find them in game by opening your map, and going to the Augments tab. You will notice that there are 4 types of Reality Augments: