Galaxy S23 Ultra: how to secure and protect your phone?

In this guide, well share some important security settings that you should use or activate on your new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. These settings will help you to secure your Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra from hackers, malware and etc…


- First, open the settings - scroll down and click on Battery and Device Care - Turn On Device Protection (this will protect your device from malware virus and spyware)


- Turn On the Device Protection feature after that click on the three dots on the top right side of the screen then open the Device Care then press Update Security Engine.   


- Under the settings - Security and Privacy - Secure Wi-Fi - Permission Secure Wi-Fi – Tap on Continue - Tap Protect (use this feature when connecting your phone to public Wi-Fi, your bank account etc…).


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- Under the settings - Security and privacy - Other security settings - Activate Security policy update. (this will update the latest security policy from Google)


- Under the settings - Security and privacy - open Install unknown app and then make sure to turn off all apps and turn them on when necessary.


-  Under the settings - Security and privacy - click update - check Google Play system update.