How to reroll, restart In Summoners War Chronicles SWC?

In Summoners War Chronicles you (SWC) have the option to reroll and it will be possible to reroll your account to take the start you want. This feature will last 15-20 minutes.


Here's how to reroll in Summoners War Chronicles


- Install and launch the game

- Log in with a “guest” account

- Create your character and skip cutscenes if you wish

- Play the game until stage 1-6

- Complete the summoning tutorial

- Collect your rewards from your box and use them to summon


How To Reroll, Restart, Summoners War Chronicles, SWC

At this point, if you're happy with your summons, you can continue. If not, follow these steps:


Go to the menu, then to the settings

In the “Account” menu, use the “delete account” button

Tap the "Delete Now" button and assert your answer


With this process, you can do as many rerolls as you want. Note that you can link your profile with a Facebook or Google account, but you can only have one profile per account.