Laura Bailey’s Role in The Last of Us and the game

The Last of Us episode 9 has just been released on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.


The latest episode introduced the character played by Laura Bailey, one of the most important actresses of The Last of Us series.


If you don't know Laura Bailey, well, you should know that she is a very well-known video game voice actor.


- Lisa in Days Gone

- Nadine Ross in Uncharted Games

- Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6

Laura Bailey, Role, The Last of Us, TV Series, Game

- Serana in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

- Lucina in the Fire Emblem games

- Fiona in Tales from the Borderlands

- Chun-Li in Street Fighter games since the 4th installment


However, she is best known for being the voice of Abby in The Last of Us 2. Besides, helping capture the character's movements and expressions. It should be noted that she also plays Kari, a nurse in the first game.


In the series, Laura Bailey took over the role of a nurse who could therefore be Kari even if we don't yet have her identity. Here is an image with the actress.


For the moment, it is not yet known if Laura Bailey will play Abby again in the second season, but she is therefore one of the few actors of the games present in the series. Of course, the writers may also decide to choose another actress to play Abby since the character is based on three women, namely: Jocelyn Mettler, Colleen Fotsch and Laura Bailey for the voice and the motion capture.