Metallica 72 Seasons songs, new album tracklist

Just a few weeks before the Metallica’s long-awaited 11th album release, they released the title track of their new album "72 Seasons"


The song will certainly please those who prefer the group in their epic and aggressive way. At nearly eight minutes, "72 Sessions" alternates between speed and heaviness and is old-school thrash metal at its best. 

Metallica 72 Seasons Tracklist

1. "72 Seasons"

2. "Shadows Follow"  

3. "Screaming Suicide"

4. "Sleepwalk My Life Away"  

5. "You Must Burn!"  

6. "Lux Æterna"

7. "Crown of Barbed Wire"  

8. "Chasing Light"  

9. "If Darkness Had a Son"

10. "Too Far Gone?"  

11. "Room of Mirrors"  

12. "Inamorata"