Resident Evil 4 RE4 Remake: Two Tombstone Emblems Locations

In Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake, you’ll get some merchant requests including one that asks you to destroy the Tombstone Emblems. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to find and destroy them.


You’ll find the twin Tombstone Emblems during chapter 5. After leaving the church, you will find one of the famous blue posters of the merchant which gives you the objective of destroying the twin Tombstone Emblems. To complete this side quest, head to the cemetery entrance. You will see two graves next to each other which are actually those of the two brothers. Once you find them, all you have to do is shoot and destroy them.

Here is the location map


Resident Evil 4, RE4, Remake, Two Tombstone Emblems, Locations Map

Here is what these famous tombstones look like.

Resident Evil 4, RE4, Remake, Two Tombstone Emblems