Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: how to scan, improve quality?

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to scan documents with your Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra and also how to properly organize them for future reference.


To scan a document using your new Galaxy S23 Ultra you need to open the camera application and then in the settings make sure the Scene Optimizer is enabled.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, How To Scan, Improve Quality, Samsung
Next, make sure that the Scan Documents and Text is also enabled. This way you can improve your document and text quality.


To organize your scanned documents all you have to do is go to the Gallery and open that document - swap up to get the “# Add tag” option - tap on it and then add couple tags that's going to allow you to easily track your document for later use.

Fix the delay on your Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera

Incase if your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera take so long to scan your document or it’s laggy when taking pictures then follow our guide to fix it.  

To fix this issue go into the Galaxy Store and download an app called the Good Lock Camera Assistant. Once you've downloaded that all you need to do is go into your camera settings and then scroll down until you find where it has a new Option called Camera Assistance - tap into that scroll down again until you go to capture speed and by default you'll see that it's set to prioritize quality but if you set it to prioritize speed or maybe balance speed and quality then actually you'll find that the delay on your Galaxy S23 Ultra camera isn't actually much of an issue anymore.

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