Sons of the Forest bring back Kevin and Virginia from dead

In Sons of the Forest, you can have companions Kelvin and Virginia. However, when they die during your gameplay they stay dead. With a simple trick you can bring them back to life.


Now to do this you need files "GameStateSaveData.json" and "SaveData.json". You will also need an editing program such as Windows Notepad or Notepad++.


You will find the files where the corresponding information is stored on your computer by default. Usually the path is:




There you will find another folder with confused numbers that should represent your Steam account.


In the appropriate folder Multiplayer or Singleplayer


Then follow these steps:


Sons of the Forest, Bring Back to Life, Kevin, Virginia

Create a backup of the two files GameStateSaveData.json and SaveData.json in a separate folder


Then open GameStateSaveData.json


Searches for the entries “IsRobbyDead” for Kelvin or “IsVirginiaDead” for Virginia (via Ctrl + F; the second quotation marks are part of the search)


If the value is "true", write it to "false" and save


Then open the SaveData.json


Searches for “TypeId\”:9 for Kelvin or for “TypeId\”:10 for Virginia - in the same line you will find values ​​for \"State\" and "Health\" change the "State" to 2 and "Health" to 100.0 and save


According to reports, the entries for Virginia disappear when she dies. If this is the case, you can simply insert the corresponding lines by manual. Copies the values ​​from Kelvin and changes them to fit Virginia.


You should also find the entry "PlayerKilled". Set this value to 0 to ensure the NPCs respawn without errors.