All Fortnite Week 5 Chapter 4 Season 2 Challenges, rewards

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4 has been available since March 23 and with it additional content has been added with a new battle pass.


As always, challenges are available with this update release and each challenge will allow you to earn XP, and quickly level up in the game. Find the list of challenges for week 5.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Week 5 Season 2 Challenges


Land on a Grind Rail after jumping from the bus (1) 12000 XP


Collect an item or weapon while sliding (1) 12000 XP

Fortnite, Week 5, Chapter 4, Season 2, Challenges, Rewards

Travel distance using the Kinetic Blade Dash Attack (500) 12000 XP


Damage opponents with different types of shotguns (3) 12,000 XP


Damage opponents with consecutive shots with the Thunder Spear (1) 24,000 XP, “Courageous Mikasa” spray