Dead Island 2 DI2 how to play? getting started guide

In our short guide, we’ll give you some useful tips for getting off to a good start during your first hours of play in Dead Island 2 DI2.


At the beginning of DI2, you will have the choice between 6 characters who all have two special cards which are basic passive or active abilities.


- In the game, you will find that certain weapons appeal to you more than others. For example, bladed weapons are much faster, but do less damage than hammers, which are much heavier while doing high damage. Modifications also play a very important role and apply effects such as electrification which can block enemies temporarily or liquefaction which quickly melts the life bar of zombies.


- It should be noted that you will also be able to apply an advantage to your weapon. The most interesting to us are those that allow you to regenerate by attacking enemies or those that cause a huge explosion by applying status effects.


- Currency in DI2 can sometimes be difficult to obtain. However, you will be able to earn money quickly if you sell the parts collected by dismantling weapons. We recommend that you use this money to buy fuses, useful for unlocking secrets and accessing higher quality loot, or spending it on buying blueprints. Of course, the most useful thing is to use it to repair your weapons. Above all, do not try to increase the level of weapons, because doing so requires a lot of money and at the start of the game, not having funds can be very difficult to advance in the game. 


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- Each area in DI2 has elements that help you eliminate zombies more easily. You can see electric cables hanging down, batteries in cars or even gasoline cans. We recommend that you use these items to your advantage by attracting enemies to them by throwing the meat jar. Then shoot the gasoline can or swing a car battery on them to eliminate them very quickly.


- Another method to avoid being overwhelmed is to shoot or attack with your weapons in the limbs of the zombies and in particular their legs to put them on the ground. This allows you to obviously make them less mobile and also potentially put a final blow to them.


- As in all survival games, it will be important to sometimes run away to avoid getting into big trouble. If you have the opportunity to run away from enemies, do so. This allows you to save your health kits and also not to damage your weapons more than necessary, because this one could prove very useful when you have not found a workbench for a while.


- Also, if the enemies are marked with a red circle, it means that they are much higher levels than you, we advise you to runaway and return to fight them after gaining levels by doing quests or defeating weaker enemies.