Honkai Star Rail HSR getting started guide, tips

In this guide, we’ll give you some useful tips on getting started in Honkai Star Rail HSR, new RPG adventure from the creators of Genshin Impact.


- There are a total of 7 paths for your characters in HSR, each with their own role in combat. It is important to understand the characteristics of each one, such as characters in the Destruction path who are DPS with good survivability, or those in the Abundance path who are healers.


Additionally, each path shares farm materials with other characters in the same lane, which can make it easier for your characters and weapons to progress.


- Before starting a fight, you can attack the enemy to gain certain advantages. For example, you can target the enemy's weakness to immediately reduce their resistance once the fight begins. Additionally, some characters have special Techniques that can weaken the enemy before combat, which can give you a significant advantage.


- There are five skill types in HSR, namely Basic Attack, Skill, Ultimate, Talent, and Technique. Each type of skill has its own characteristics and can be improved. It's important to understand how these types of skills work and use them effectively in combat to optimize your characters' performance.


- Once the fight starts, you can see the enemy's weaknesses. Breaking the enemy's resistance can delay their turn of action, which can be very useful against powerful bosses and monsters. It is important to know the skills of your characters to maximize their effectiveness against certain types of enemies.

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- Techniques are special skills that you can use outside of combat to achieve different effects. For example, certain Techniques can heal your team, increase the attack of your characters or make them invisible. It's important to know your characters' Techniques and use them strategically before you start a fight to gain an extra advantage.


Finally, don't forget to destroy and explore anything you find in the game's open world. Common items can provide you with credits and synthesis materials, purple items can restore your Technique points, and green items can heal your whole team. Exploring and interacting with your environment can help you gain valuable resources to upgrade your characters and team.