Honkai Star Rail HSR: how to get best 5 stars reroll?

In Honkai Star Rail HSR, you’ll be able to obtain many characters and build your team to progress in the story.


To make sure that you have the best 5-star characters in the game, it will be possible to reroll.


There are two methods to get the 5 stars that interest you. The first is to simply create new accounts using the same email address by modifying a detail such as adding a +1 (+2, etc.) or putting a dot or dots in the part before the @. If the first does not work, you will have to create a new email account to be able to obtain the code necessary for the creation.


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Once you have selected one of these two methods, you will be able to do the short version which consists of doing the tutorial and the prologue. This takes more or less 30 minutes. The long version, on the other hand, consists of reaching pioneer level 15 to guarantee yourself a 5 star thanks to the 40 passes obtained by using them on the beginner banner.


Of course, the drop rate is still quite reliable and you have very little chance of getting the 5 star character you are aiming for.