Star Wars Jedi Survivor SWJS: getting started guide, tips

Star Wars Jedi Survivor SWJS is now available to play and before you start your adventure, we’ll share some useful tips to get you started.


- As you progresses in SWJS, you’ll be able to unlock 5 different combat stances which have their advantages and disadvantages. Stances play an important role in progressing more easily in the game and we therefore, advise you to test each of them until you find the one that suits you best. However, try to find it fairly quickly.


- In SWJS, you will progress on maps with several levels. To avoid getting lost, we advise you to look at the map regularly. Of course, you will often have blocked paths and you just need to check the information given on your map to find another route. It should be noted that to make your life easier, you can also activate guided navigation to have an indicator that gives you the right route to follow.

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- No doubt that you may want to go straight into the adventure and follow the main road to progress in the game. However, if you do this, you will miss many hidden advantages and skill points that can help you well in difficult situations. We therefore, recommend that you take the time to explore each location.


- Rumors are an added element in this game and this addition turns out to be particularly interesting. These rumors are kind of side quests that you will get by listening to NPCs who give you very useful information. By completing these "side quests", you will be able to find Jedi Temples or very useful bonuses such as advantages, increases in health or strength and many other improvements.


- BD-1, the little droid that accompanies you, periodically makes sounds that let you know that something of interest is nearby. It can be scans of enemies, chests, hidden paths, in short, it gives you useful indications.