XDefiant: best M60 build, attachments, loadouts

In XDefiant, you’ll find a total of 18 weapons and all have their own attachments. In this short guide, we’ll give you the best build for the M60.


The M60 is a weapon with significant firepower and a large number of ammo just like the RPK-74. On the other hand, its reload speed is mind-blowing for this type of weapon, giving you the possibility of taking yourself for Rambo by overwhelming enemies with sustained and constant fire. This LMG also allows you to easily hold a position in Domination, Occupy or Zone Control modes.


Here is the best build for the M60:


Muzzle: Barrel Extender

Barrel: Chrome lined

Front Rail: PEQ-15

Optics: Default (depending on your choices)

Magazine: Lightweight Mag

XDefiant, Best Build, M60, Attachments, Loadouts

Rear Grip: Default

Stock: folded