XDefiant: best TAC-50 build, attachments, loadouts

In XDefiant, you’ll find a total of 18 weapons and all have their own attachments. In this short guide, we’ll give you the best build for the TAC-50.


The TAC-50 is the best sniper riffle you’ll find in XDefiant, due to its accuracy. This allows you to perform Quickshots that will surprise your opponents but it suffers when played on small maps, to replace it we advise you to use the ACR 6.8 or the M4A1.


Here is the best build for the TAC-50:


Muzzle: Default

Barrel: Recon

Optics:  Default (12x Precision Scope)

XDefiant, Best Build, TAC-50, Attachments, Loadouts

Magazine: Default

Rear Grip: Heavy

Stock: Padded