Xdefiant Echo 6, 5, 4 how to fix not connecting issue?

XDefiant is one of the most anticipated games from Ubisoft. To make players wait, the studio offers a beta phase which is accessible to a limited players.


However, like many recent games, players may encounter all kinds of errors. In some cases, an error code is displayed and among those known, we find the Echo code 6, 5, 4, etc… Some players wonder if a solution exists and the answer is unfortunately no.


If you encounter the Echo errors, you should know that it is due to a connection problem with the XDefiant servers. This may be due to them being offline and to find out if this is the case, all you have to do is check the status of the servers by going to the game's official Twitter page. 


Developers are currently investigating loading and connection issues, and also a delay in access via email after claiming a Twitch Drop.

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If no information on maintenance or a problem with the servers has been communicated on Twitter, you can also visit the Trello dedicated to the game which gives information on bugs and the state of the servers.


If, despite everything, no connection has been made, we recommend that you contact Ubisoft Support or simply wait until the situation returns to normal.