Alone in the Dark remake: how to play the demo for free?

Alone in the Dark remake is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. To prepare you for this release, we’ll show you how to download and play the Alone in the Dark prologue demo on the different platforms.


To give you a taste of the horror that awaits, Pieces Interactive has made the prologue available to play for free. To download it, simply go to: The PlayStation Store, Steam or Microsoft Store.


The prologue follows the story of Grace Saunders, an 11-year-old girl that fans might recognize from Alone in the Dark 2. This prologue will give you a first glimpse of the terrifying universe of the Derceto Manor.


The performances of the main characters were made possible by the power of modern hardware, which made it possible to capture more emotion in the faces of the protagonists.


Thus, you can embody Detective Edward Carnby, played by David Harbour or Emily Hartwood, played by Jodie Comer, and live their adventure like never before. Each of these characters interprets the events of Alone in the Dark differently and features unique story moments.


The game's soundscape has been carefully crafted to bring the nightmarish ambience of Derceto Manor to life. The soundtrack, which mixes jazz influences from the 1920s and modern sounds, will immerse you in the horror of this unique universe.


As the release date approaches, the team at Pieces Interactive is hard at work polishing the remake of Alone in the Dark.


As we eagerly await October 25, the playable prologue is a fantastic opportunity to dive into the Alone in the Dark universe before anyone else.