Dragonflight Evoker: how to get, craft legendary weapon?

In this article, we’ll show you how to get / craft Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy, the Aberrus Evokers legendary weapon, the Shadowed Crucible in Dragonflight.


This legendary weapon is obtained from the last boss of Aberrus, Sarkareth, in all difficulties (if the difficulty is higher, you’ll have more chances to obtain it). To get this weapon, you will need to be lucky enough to get the Cracked Titans Gem from the last boss. This item will allow you to start a quest to craft the legendary weapon.


Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy is a 457 Ilvl weapon - only obtainable for Evokers - with the following effect: Your empower spells activate the Order magic within, releasing a sphere of Order that seeks a powerful ally, increasing main stat 500 and Speed ​​600 for 10 seconds.


To craft it, you will need to use your Ancient Memories item to teach a recipe to a Blacksmith, Engineer, or Jeweler. Here are the different items you will need to obtain:


Dragonflight Evoker, How To Get, Craft Legendary Weapon

- Temporal Vestigial:  Obtainable from World Bosses and Rare Dragon Islands.

- Ancient Elementium Fragment: Drops from Aberrus bosses.

Fleeting Glowspores: obtainable from treasures and the Cave of Zaralek

Everburning Shadowflame: Falls on Fyrakk's Assaults.

Once these items have been obtained, here is what you will need to have a Blacksmith, an Engineer and a Jeweler craft:


Blacksmith to craft the Reclaimed Gauntlet Chassis


- Temporal Vestigial x 240

- Ancient Elementium x 20

- Awakened Order x 25

- Shadowed Alloy x 20

- Obsidian seared Alloy x 50


Engineer to craft the Inspired Order Recalibrator


- Temporal Vestigial x 80

- Fleeting Glowspores x 50

- Fiery Soul x 3

- Frosty Soul x 3

- Airy Soul x 3

- Earthen Soul x 3

- Arclight Capacitor x 50


Jeweler to make the Immaculate Coalescing Dracothyst


- Temporal Vestigial x 80

- Everburning Shadowflame x 30

- Dracothyst x 20

- Awakened Order x 25

- Elemental Harmony x 20

- illimited Diamond x 20


Once all these items have been obtained, you can then create the first legendary item in Dragonflight. As a reminder, the quest can be obtained in all difficulties, but the higher the difficulty, the more likely you will be to obtain it.