Fortnite: how to damage enemy while under the effects of Slap?

One of the challenges in Fortnite Week 9 Chapter 4 Season 2 requires you to deal damage to enemy players while under the effects of the Slap.


To complete this challenge, you need to find Slap Juice. You can find them anywhere on the game map: on the ground, on your opponents, in chests, etc.


You can consume Slap Juice like any consumable in your equipment bar using the left click of your mouse if you are playing on PC. Then you just have to deal 500 damages to enemies.

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This challenge shouldn't be too difficult as the Slap effect lasts quite a long time.


After inflicting 500 damage points under the effect of the Slap, your challenge will be validated. Of course, you can complete this challenge over multiple games.