Peridot: which egg to choose? Change your Dot guide

Peridot is the latest mobile game from the developer (Niantic) of Pokémon Go. In the game, you will have to take care of small creatures.


Before you begin your adventure, you will have to choose your first egg to obtain your very first Peridot. Here's how to make that choice!


The game then offers you three different eggs, but you can only choose one!


First of all, be aware that the eggs are random, so you may not have the same choices as other players. The chosen egg resembles the appearance of the Peridot that will hatch from it.


To choose your egg, we advise you to opt for the design that you like the most among the three proposed.


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How to Change the appearance of your Dot?


If you don't like the appearance of your Dot, know that it will be possible to change it during the game. It is also possible to adorn your Dot with accessories, such as hats, scarves or other.


The goal of Peridot is also to obtain additional creatures, so you will have the possibility of hatching new eggs through reproduction.