Zelda TOTK Goddess Statue Locations MAP

In this article we’ll share you all the Goddess Statue Locations including maps in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) to increase your hearts and stamina.

There are several goddess statues in Zelda TOTK. Here are all the Goddess Statue locations you can find in the game.

The Temple of Time (Great Sky Island)

Emergency Shelter (Lookout Landing)

Rito Village (Tabantha Frontier)

Zora’s Domain (Lanayru Region)

Goron City (Eldin Region)

Gerudo Town (Gerudo Desert)

Lurelin Village (Faron Region)

East Akkala Stable Well (Akkala Highlands)

Tarrey Town (Akkala Region)

Link’s home in Tarrey Town (Akkala Region)

Hateno Village (Hateno Region)

Kakariko Village (Dueling Peaks Region)

Korok Forest (Woodland Region)

Zelda tears of the kingdom Goddess statue locations MAP:

Zelda, TOTK, Goddess Statues, Locations MAP

Zelda, TOTK, Goddess Statues, Locations MAP


Goddess Statues in Zelda TOTK These items are essential to increase Link's abilities (heart and stamina) and help you progress in the game.