Zelda TotK: how to complete Fire Temple? Walktrough

The Fire Temple dungeon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face in the game. In this guide, we’ll help you to complete this challenge easily!


To access the Fire Temple, go to the Goron City there, you will have to fight Yunobo in order to remove his mask. When you're done, go to the top of the volcano using the wagons to face a new boss, Moragia.


After wining this fight go into the depths of the volcano! When you arrive in front of the temple, be sure to destroy the rock with Yunobo so you can activate the magic circle in the main room.


Lock -1


When you get to the ground floor, grab a Zonai Devices and use it to clear the lava to move forward. Then, use one of the mine wagons at the bottom.


Once this passage is completed, collect a second time a Zonai Devices on the side and follow the path south. You will have to cool the lava to create the platforms that will allow you to destroy the rock protecting the lock with Yunob. Once complete, you will have unlocked the first lock.


Lock - 2

Starting at the first lock, retrace your steps to place a wagon on the tracks heading north. Once the ride is over, you will have to rotate your wagon by hitting the mechanism to start again. Still using Yunobo charge to change lanes, head northeast.


Once there, cross the bridge to the left and hit the mechanism to lower the rails. Then, travel to the other side using the wagon. Finally, destroy the rocks on the left and use the Recall ability to reach the lock located on the other side, you have just unlocked the second lock.


Lock - 3


Take the wagon again. This time, you will have to change the direction of the rails by shooting the mechanism on the other side of the chasm with an arrow. Go to the 2ᵉ floor to retrieve a thruster at the bottom of the area. Then install it on a wagon on the train tracks heading west.


Using your wagon, propel yourself to the 3rd floor. Once there, continue straight then repair the footbridge at the bottom before using Yunobo charge on the ramp to make a cube fall.


Once this is finished, climb the cube and use the Recall ability to reach the 4ᵉ floor and unlock the 3ᵉ lock!


Lock - 4


Always starting from where you are, return to the lower floor and use a wagon to return to the section to the east. Then head north with your wagon, changing lanes as soon as you can.


Once stopped, you must destroy the rocks to return to your starting point. To do this, hit the left mechanism to rotate the rails laterally, then the right one to direct them to the upper floor. Head north with the aim of reaching the upper floor, then once at the very top, change cars and continue on your way.


Once your ride is over, you will have to destroy the rocks in order to get a Fire Hydrant Zonai Device, you can then use the Ultrahand and stones to create a ramp and unlock the forth lock.


Last Lock -5


For this last lock, get your ramp that you just created to put it on the bridge to the southwest. Use Yunobo charge on this ramp to clear the way for you, then jump into the chasm to reach the last lock on the first floor.


Once you have opened all the locks, all you have to do is activate the mechanism in the main room of the Temple and face Marbled Gohma, the boss of the Goron dungeon!