Zelda TotK: how to find and tame Golden Horse?

In this short guide, we’ll help you to find and tame Princess Zelda’s golden horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).


First of all, you will have to get a quest. To do this, go to the Snowfield Stable in South Tabantha Snowfield close to the Orochium Shrine.


Once there, find Penn and Harlow, talk to them to activate the quest called "Zelda's Golden Horse". You will have to find Princess Zelda's horse. The Princess' Horse is in North Tabantha Snowfield.


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Now it's your turn to mount and tame the Golden Horse. For this, you have to go behind its back and climb on him to calm the horse as soon as he gets agitated. Here, we advise you to use an energizing meals and energizing elixirs.


Once done, return to Harlow and Penn at the Snowfield Stable with your new golden mount to complete the quest. In addition to Princess Zelda's horse, you will get the Royal Saddle and an energizing elixir as a reward.