Atlas location map and rewards: Final Fantasy FF16

In Final Fantasy XVI (FF16), you'll be able to carry out some elite contracts or hunts for Nektar, the Moogle (can be found in Cid's Hideout). One of them requires you to hunt Atlas (the Breaker of Worlds) but where can you find it and what rewards do you get for defeating Atlas?

If you're a die-hard FF16 player then you've probably encountered Nektar, a cute Moogle hunter who appears to be a specialist but actually needs your assistance to complete his hunts or contracts. 

These elite contracts test your abilities against specific quests and offer substantial rewards, like experience points, ability points, and supplies for the Blackthorne at the Forge. This guide offers to help you with one of these quests, the Breaker of Worlds (you’ll get this after completing abandoned town of Cressida quest).

One of these Nektar hunts, that of the terrifying Atlas or Breaker of Worlds, occurs not far from the abandoned town of Cressida.  The difficulty of hunts varies from Category C to Category S. The latter, the hardest, put your mettle to the test against actual bosses, although they are rarely specifically marked on your map.

Many people still struggle to find Atlas, one of the formidable S-category bosses. The hunt might be difficult and drawn out because the location is often not precisely indicated. We give you the exact location so that you won't have to deal with this frustration.

Atlas Location Map, Cressida, Rewards, Final Fantasy, FF16

By defeating Atlas, you will get exp, skill points, and drops for the Blackthorne Forge. This type of quest adds an extra dimension to your adventure in FF16, by offering you more or less difficult challenges.

List of rewards 

Renown 50 

Gil 20000 

EXP 15000 

Ability Points 120 


Fallen Iron (x1)

Orichalcum (x1)

How to optimize your elite contract hunts in FF16?

Your preparation will go a long way toward helping you succeed in these quests. Be sure to stock up on the potion and equip Clive with the best gear you can get before going in search of the Breaker of Worlds. You will have to adjust your tactics according to the target by choosing the right Primals and the right abilities.

Before beginning the elite contracts or hunts, it could be a good idea to do a few side quests. Completing these tasks will give you the experience and resources you need to take on tough challenges like the Sleeping Giant.

All in all, the Breaker of Worlds at the abandoned town of Cressida is both a significant and rewarding challenge for any FF16 player. 

With the help of this guide, you are now equipped to track down and face this terrifying beast.