Diablo 4 D4: how Sacred items work? Battlepass Guide

You'll likely have accumulated some extremely fine gear by the time you reach Diablo 4's Endgame, but do you know what a sacred item is? We will walk you through everything.


Diablo 4 is the game for you if you like killing demons, ghouls, and other terrifying creatures. However, you will need strong tools to accomplish this; there is much to do with an axe, sword, and magic. Once you reach at the end of the campaign, you will unlock very powerful items called sacred item.


What is a sacred item? Sacred item is incredibly valuable and also extremely rare because they have stats that are significantly higher than all other items. They are similar to unique items, but also completely different from them because they can be found in the same place but drop more frequently.


It's quite easy to identify Sacred item as they are glowing and there is a “Sacred” written in brackets next to their name. In the inventory, they are in a golden box with a light around the frame.

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How to find Sacred item? Sacred item are only found at the end of the game, you must be in Nightmare or Torment mode. Currently, the only way to farm Sacred Items is through Nightmare Dungeons. You will find them by looting chests and killing monsters.


They are extremely expensive, however, they are also only findable once so think carefully before selling or recycling them.


Diablo 4 Battlepass Guide


The Battlepass available in Diablo 4 as it does in an increasing number of Blizzard games. The latter will change in line with the game's many seasons, providing players with consistent new material. There are 27 levels in the free version.


- Each Battlepass has a three-month lifespan.


- Progress on passes is linked to the account even if you play as a different character.


- You'll be able to gain more experience points and have better gameplay.


Premium version of the Battlepass in Diablo 4


The Premium version (paid) version of the Battlepass comes with two versions!


The Premium version has 63 additional levels compared to the free one, cosmetic armor sets for each class and a mount.


The Accelerated version has all the advantages of the premium pass, the instant unlock of 20 levels and an exclusive emote.


This Accelerated version is particularly useful for players who decide to buy it late in the season.


Players who decide to purchase the accelerated version later in the season will find it to be useful.